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Prove your intellectual property

Uproov the world's most trusted content

Prove Anything Anywhere

Uproov Your Mobile Trust Machine

"You Prove" instantly proves any photos, videos or sound recordings using our simple world first application utilising blockchain technology.

It allows instant sharing privately or publically, via the mobile app or, to text messages, instant messenger, whatsapp, dropbox and more.

Data on recordings taken with Uproov are stamped in to the Blockchain Ledger, which the Economist calls the Trust machine , an amazing powerful new technology that has been around since 2009.

Uproov removes any doubt or dispute about yours or others images, it timestamps to the nearest second and cannot be edited. If even the slightest change is made Uproov, will detect it.

Uproov Blockchain Technology

A new technology, for a new era.

What is Uproov?

Uproov is a blockchain powered proof of existence and ownership tool, that can be implemented into your day-to-day business. Uproov patent pending technology is the first of its kind in the new wave of emerging technologies. Uproov brings to life a high level of verifiable proof with a world first real time digital media authenticating mobile app.

What is Blockchain Technology?

The Economist has called it the Trust machine of the 21st Century. The technology behind it powers a phenomenal digital ledger that ensures no document or transaction can be tampered with. We at Uproov ensure our technology utilises the blockchain to its fullest potential to suit you and your needs.

Our mission

We believe in transparency where both businesses and consumers can share in the mutual benefits of accurate and transparent data. The new sharing economy is based on the principal of mutual benefits of shared data transactions between parties. Think Airbnb, Uber - where is the middleman? Replaced by a seamless app that matches demand and supply of two parties.

Prove Anything Anywhere

Adding trust to the share economy.


Uproov What You Create

The world’s most trusted content.

Ever had an accident

Where you were not at fault?

Ever been fined

Where you had complied?

Needed to be your own notary

On demand?

Ever needed proof of correct storage

and maintenance of your equipment?

Ever needed proof your hire car or rentals,

were returned in good condition?

Ever need proof of existence

of a sensitive document?

Sound Familiar?

If these are the problems you face on a daily basis then Uproov is the tool for you. Uproov can provide irrefutable proof that the evidence you capture, your photo, video or audio, happened at that exact time and place as shown on the blockchain.

Utilising the blockchain technology to show the highest standard of irrefutable proof, Uproov can prevent you from lengthy legal disputes that go nowhere, insurance premiums that go up, fines from regulatory bodies when you were not at fault and allow you to be your own on demand notary.

Uproov has multiple business uses in the hands of users.


What You Create

Own and prove your work, your intellectual property with Uproov

How does Uproov Enterprise work?

Interested to find out more and you are ready? See what Uproov's blockchain technology can really do for your business. Have us speak with your risk and finance department and we can implement a starter trial suitable for your business.

What can you expect from Uproov Enterprise?

· Unlimited monthly Uproov uploads,
· Corporate dashboard functionality,
· Direct access to an assigned officer to handle your implementation from our Support Team,
· 3 month initial review and 6 month full implementation review reports,
· Ongoing support from our Support Team.