Our Story

Uproov is a creation of Ledger Assets Pty Ltd a group with vast experience in blockchain and cryptographic technology. Our goal is to improve the way digital and physical content is owned, traded and verified by relying on the public Blockchain Ledger.
Uproov is Ledger Assets’ first product from their product line. Uproov was released globally to enterprise and retail consumers, and launched to investors in San Diego, California in December 2015. The Uproov App completed many weeks of extensive testing and was launched on the iTunes App Store in December 2015, where it is enjoying strong daily downloads.
Uproov is a simple to use technological breakthrough system, to bring to life a high level of verifiable proof using Blockchain technology and in real time. Ledger Assets is the first company internationally to create this product and is the leader in this market space, with patent pending technology. The Economist referred to the Blockchain as “The Truth Machine”. Uproov is a very powerful new digital media verification technology tool.

Who are the Creators?

The creators behind Uproov are Ledger Assets Pty Ltd, an Australian based company located in "Silicon Beach" in Perth, Western Australia. Ledger Assets is comprised of a team with unique skill sets and vast experience from technology, finance, legal, management and business backgrounds. Ledger Assets also powers blockchain projects for many other clients in the power, medical, identity and insurance sectors.

Other Projects

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