Our engineering team are constantly monitoring the Uproov systems and any attempts to interfere with the normal operation of Uproov in the ordinary course of business as can be expected. A substantial amount of time and resource is invested in testing our systems against attempts to interfere with normal operation, and this is always an on-going task. In addition, Uproov uses advanced technology such as certain camera data to reinforce information about images captured as a deterrent. We run internal mini “Hackathons” to test and protect the systems and substantial measures have already been incorporated to make Uproov as robust to external interference as possible. We are always happy to receive feedback, and so should you see any area where we can improve our systems, please feel free to contact us at Also please be sure to see our Terms and Conditions for a legal description of our services and our Privacy Policy at

    A video is more difficult to fake than a photo. For higher security

  • Take short videos instead of photos. These are harder to fake.

  • Set Watermarks On in Settings and only release an image with the Watermark.

  • Use premium Processing (Pro mode only). This provides much faster processing of your data into the Blockchain.

  • Use Passport mode: This automatically adds watermarking. Should someone take a photo of your Passport mode watermarked photo, then a second watermark will appear on that new image, but in a different location, so that this can be easily spotted as a photo of a photo. The display on our server of a Passport Mode photo is separate to a regular Uproov image, and so by viewing a Passport Mode photo you will see it with 1 watermark on it - or - it was a Passport Mode photo of another photo – in which case it will be visible as such - or it is different to a photo that was not a photo of a photo as detectable by Uproov’s proprietary technology.

  • Only release an original photo of yours captured in Passport Mode, for protection against copying. It is “extremely difficult” to cut out the watermark and also fool proprietary Uproov data for an original Passport Mode photo, so this offers extremely high level of protection. Also, your Blockchain record will prove when the image was created making it extremely difficult for a third party to attempt to successfully claim copyright over any of your original images.

  • Set Geo Location on in Settings. This is not just metadata that is often stripped out by major platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Uproov hard codes the location onto the image before encryption and Blockchaining, so it is not alterable. Please exercise caution when stamping your home location on an image as third parties can find that location easily.

The blockchain is a distributed public ledger, which stores a linear chain of "blocks". Each block in the overall chain contains data, which is cryptographically hashed. These "blocks" of hashed data draw on the block which came before it in the chain, thus, ensuring all data in the overall "Blockchain" is accurate and has not been tampered with. Every transaction is added as an immutable record which, while anonymous, can be viewed by anyone. Like the Internet itself, it's a global system.

The Key is the Video's unique Blockchain Address (A Hash of the Video). You can check a Key for a file for free at anytime on our website. You can make multiple copies of your imagery/files and store wherever you like and they are still instantly verifiable on BUT if even 1 pixel has been changed or removed on a copy being verified, our system will report its authenticity as FALSE. All unaltered copies will still be verified as authentic, genuine unaltered originals however. The system is independently audited and approved for use in all legal circumstances

The Ezy-ID Code is a system generated unique identifier attached to the Video, Image, etc.It is used to share the photo with others who wish to prove its authenticity. The code can be entered on the validation page which then displays the photo in full resolution along with its validation and creation details.

Uproov keeps your media files 100% secure and will only grant public access to them if they have a Uproov ID code for sharing. Private Media files can only be viewed by holders of the BC Key.You can also choose not to upload your media files to Uproov. The Media file can still be validated using our File check feature.

Passport mode is**Uproov's highest security mode. Photos taken and validated with Uproov Passport are ideal for use where photo ID's are relied upon as being accurate such as on online dating, etc.

In Settings, slide Passport Mode to On.

Now simply take a picture of yourself. If you are happy with it, press Use Photo.

It is now processed similar to other Uproov media and locked into the Blockchain.

Passport Photos contain the following - **

*Green Ezy-ID*for validating and sharing. A green Ezy-id indicates the photo was taken and processed live through Uproov.(Not an existing photo)

*Watermark*to protect against a photo of an existing Uproov photo

*Date & Time* - Stamped on the photo.

You will now be prompted to Upload your photo to Once you have done this, you can paste the photo onto your favourite site.

Private mode allows you to share your photo with only with people of your choosing.

If someone asks you to verify your photo, you can simply send them the Access Code (in History, when you press the Share button). Once they have received the Access Code, they can click on the link and the image will be displayed on It will have an additional 'Displayed'watermark for security.

Access codes will only last for 10 minutes, or until the image is viewed on our server. You can send unlimited Access codes.

Alternatively, you can switch the image to PUBLIC viewing by pressing the [eye] button. This allows anyone to view your passport photo using the Ezy-id a t any time on

Yes, you can remove your photos from our servers at any time, simply press the Upload button again.