3 Simple Steps


Use UPROOV to record live Video, Photos or Audio. Anything you want to prove existed at a certain point in time or want to use as proof in the future. You can even UPROOV your own pre-existing photos stamped with a Red Ezy-id.


Save and verify the recording. It is now ready to be used as proof any time, with its own unique UPROOV Ezy-id for sharing and verifying.


Only upload the recording if you want to securely store it with Uproov. Uploading also makes sharing and verifying the recording simple.

Uproov stores your data on our dedicated, fully redundant servers, located in a high security Swiss Data centre.


You've just prooved

A unique time stamped Key is created from the recording and inserted directly into the Blockchain Ledger. The recording is now locked, change even one pixel and the key will not match. The Key in the ledger is rock solid proof of the integrity of the recording you have made, use it any time.


Record and view history

Prove new media. See a list of all your UPROOV Videos, Images, etc

Upload files

Upload to UPROOV secure cloud storage, for sharing, re-verification or for additional security.

Verify / view the media file

Verify by using one of the 3 methods on the verification page and view the image, video, etc. to confirm its authenticity.

Buy more credits

You can buy more credits any time by clicking on the [$] sign

Check key independently

See the Blockchain Key independently from our site at

Private or Public viewing

You can decide whether to allow public access to your photo on the validation page. In private mode an additional access code must be entered to view the photo.

Pre-existing photo’s may also be Uprooved, however they are stamped with a Red Ezy-id.


  • Select Private or Public mode
  • Processing mode (for Premium users only)
  • Ezy-id stamping
  • Watermark mode
  • Geolocation mode
  • Time and date stamping
  • Video or photo quality settings
  • Email settings
  • Auto generate file names - for fast launch
  • Corporate Users section - tag your files for systems interface - contact us
  • Select audio source

Passport Mode

Uproov’s highest security mode. Photos taken and validated with Uproov Passport are ideal for use where photo ID’s are relied upon as being accurate such as on online dating, etc.

  • Green Ezy-ID for validating and sharing. A green Ezy-id indicates the photo was taken and processed live through Uproov. (Not an existing photo)
  • Watermark to protect against a photo of an existing Uproov photo.
  • Date & Time stamped on the photo.